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Anderson Pest Control is a Louisiana owned and operated professional pest management company with decades of experience covering all you residential and commercial pest control needs. We pride ourselves in quality service performed by quality technicians you would feel comfortable with in your home and/or business. There is no job too big or too small that we cannot handle. Be proud and certain your pest control needs are done right the first time all the time.


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Wasps are a nuisance and a health hazard that we at Anderson Pest Control can give a six-month guarantee to prevent from building nests on your home or business.


Louisiana has an estimate of one to two million termites per acre across the state. This creates a significant risk for home and business owners. Anderson Pest Control is your premiere termite professionals with several effective methods of treatment to protect your structures. We offer soil treatments prior to pouring concrete that creates years of protection that comes with a yearly renewal system to keep your home free from termites. We also cover all forms of post treatment solutions to both prevent and/or stop termites from destroying your home or business.


A small reddish-brown parasitic insect that feasts on human blood while they sleep. Bedbugs are also a health hazard because they can cause allergic reactions, rashes, and psychological effects. Although they typically do not spread disease, they are certainly an unwanted guest in your home. Bedbugs are usually brought home through travel that hitchhike on a person or in their belongings. Anderson Pest Control offers effective measures that start with a checklist that is to be completed by the resident to start the process of removing the unwanted guests.


Unofficially recognized as the Louisiana State Bird, mosquitos are potentially the most dangerous insect to the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our pets. Mosquitos are classified as a vector because of their potential to spread disease and are a global issue. Mosquitos are found in every country except Antartica, Iceland, and few Central Pacific Islands. Unfortunately for Louisiana, we are the ideal environment for mosquitos to thrive. We have two choice methods of control offered. One being a fog application to cover a broad area for an instant notice in reduction. Second, being a new product that uses some cutting-edge technology that allows mosquitos to be used to kill mosquitos without having to contaminate possessions like patio furniture and children's toys. These buckets have two active ingredients that attract two species of mosquitos to lay their eggs. One ingredient is a larvicide that kills the larva when hatch from the egg and adheres to the female mosquitos' legs so she can spread the larvicide in multiple egg laying sites. The other ingredient is ionically charged opposite of a mosquito that stops the mosquito from biting once contacting. Once the mosquito comes into contact it allows her several days to live in order to continue spreading the larvicide. Call today to get more information about a great solution to enjoy your yard again.

General Pest Control

Routine services tailored just for your needs to maintain a well-kept home or business. This service is scheduled on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis that covers all your general household pest needs by safely servicing the interior and exterior of the structure.


Take your yard back from fire ants and the newest intruder, the Tawny Crazy Ant


Commercial and Residential control