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Anderson Pest Control is a Louisiana owned and operated professional pest management company with decades of experience covering all you residential and commercial pest control needs. We pride ourselves in quality service performed by quality technicians you would feel comfortable with in your home and/or business. There is no job too big or too small that we cannot handle. Be proud and certain your pest control needs are done right the first time all the time.


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What's in the packs?

All the primary items listed in the product pack descriptions, plus the additional components not visible in the pack images that are essential to make everything work. You can be assured we've thought of everything. It's the result of thorough research and extensive testing over many months. The hardware illustrated in our pack images will be used for all installations whilst still available and has been chosen specifically for the combination of features and functionality. All hardware illustrated is currently available at time of publication (February 2018). However, as manufacturers continue to shorten their product life cycles, we realise from month to month we may have to substitute some items with equivalents or later model replacements. Any future changes will of course meet or exceed the same requirements. We will also always be looking to improve and enhance our packs with the latest available hardware and any upcoming releases from the manufacturers will be undergoing stringent tests as soon as they are made available to us.

Is a bicycle included?

The illustrated bicycles are not included but we are currently in discussion with a frame manufacturer with whom we will soon be able provide a specifically designed frameset for use with our packs. Although not essential, it's a great idea to have a spare bike that's dedicated to your smart trainer environment and it doesn't have to be anything special as long as it's strong, stiff and the has the correct geometry for you.

Can the packs be customised?

In short, yes, whilst we like to encourage our existing combinations wherever possible, we can discuss a "Custom Pack" based on components from our selection of proven hardware. We do have several optional extras available too, all of which are designed to enhance your experience. Do'nt forget to enquire about these when discussing any order.

What if I already have some of the kit?

Whilst we recognise that we will come across this from time to time, it's important to stress that our combinations of hardware have been tested together for reliability over some considerable time. Introduction of other components may compromise our installation quality and the reliability of your system. With this said, there are some components that are less critical and may still be considered suitable which we would be happy to discuss prior to installation.

What's included and not included in the installations?

What's included
Pack hardware and software pre-configuration, delivery to site*, assembly, user-configuration, cable management, full testing, calibration and usage guidance.
28 days FREE telephone support.
Manufacturer's standard warranties for all hardware. *Note some areas may incur additional delivery charges. What's NOT included, but can be arranged at additional cost
Site surveys if required due to known broadband or wireless networking issues.
Installation of dedicated internet and internal wireless networking solutions.
Parts required to ensure bicycle compatibly with the supplied Wahoo trainers, for example different rear cassettes (the direct drive Wahoo KICKR is supplied with an 11-speed cassette). Zwift subscription packages.

My broadband and Wi-Fi aren't great, is this a problem?

Possibly, Zwift requires a reasonable quality connection, although in our testing we've established that this is more about latency than speed and it'll run surprisingly well with a low speed connection with only some minor problems that shouldn't detract from your enjoyment. The quality of your internal wireless network is also important and many Internet Service Providers fall way short of providing equipment of a high enough standard for this. If required, we can arrange to install suitable hardware to improve this where possible (note that these services will incur an additional fee).

Will you show me how it all works?

Yes of course, on completion of installation, our site engineer will spend some time with you to ensure that you are fully comfortable with the use of the system. It's important for us to know that you will be able to jump on and start training with the minimum of fuss!

Who are Wahoo Fitness?

Wahoo Fitness produce some of the best cycling training equipment on the market. High build quality and reliability are just a few of the advantages with this brand. The KICKR series of trainers are continuously reviewed with the highest praise. Using their smart trainers in conjunction with Zwift software provides the ultimate indoor training experience. Take a look at their product range here.

What is Zwift?

Zwift is virtual roads to ride, structured workouts and social group rides all in a computer generated world. Zwift pairs your bike attached to indoor training gear, to a computer and display system creating a smooth and realistic ride in the virtual world. Note that Zwift requires a subscription to use. If you'd like to know more, take a look at the official website.

Is Zwift subscription based?

Yes, you can pay monthly or we can supply subscription packs for 3 or 12 months at additional cost.

Do you sell the packs without installation?

Currently, no, as the installation process plays a major part in the success of our packs. Everything from careful assembly, to accurate configuration of all the hardware and software, contributes to the end result of acheiving the ultimate training experience we want you to have.

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